Hong Kong Day 10 
聲音是演員,主持人,歌手,音樂劇演員,老師,講師,演說家,任何說話者的樂器,也是聲才(聲財)器具! 說話音質(色彩,表情,質地,發聲系統)的使用應該是應該是一種選擇而非只是是習慣!謝謝我的Estill 系統老師Naomei 她親切,耐心,開放的心&愛,鼓勵我並打開我的視野及讓我讓我具體熟習課程中的技巧! 嚴重生病感冒的我,聲帶發炎,我在Master Class 選擇難度高的司儀技巧,我用了打開假聲帶+Belting ( 飆唱:可以正確無傷聲帶地讓聲音變大)+Twang (收縮會厭軟骨-也是百老匯許多音樂劇演員喜歡選擇的響亮音質音色),成功地挑戰不破音更輕盈輕鬆的完成高昂又高張力,投射力的司儀報幕聲音!(雖然我本來就可以做到,但是新的聲音訓練讓我在生病中仍能更加輕鬆輕盈健康地完成這個任務!為自己驕傲 !!!( ps 肚子過度用力,氣太多才會讓你大破音呢!)
Thanks for great and wonderful teacher Naomi Eyers !
Bring us a completed Joe Estill Voice precisely knowledge & voice craft !!!
Let's my voice be healthier and make me can have more gualities ,colours and choices ! 
And even i had a fever i can use my voice for belting & twang ! ( intensive MC voice pattern )
It not only science but also Magic !
It is very good solution & training method for an actor , host , speaker and one who need to use their voice !

Dear Naomi : Thank you thouand times ! You are so patient and true heart to help us !You did open my eyes , my voice.My brain had changed ! You inspired me a lot ! All the voice crafts and your teaching will influence from uncouius to councious ! Lovely & fabulous voice learning jounery !
(Thanks to Wing Hong , Arron & all classmates' supporting !)

Nisha Tsai From Taiwan 2016/7/24


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